Our Story


We are Swissbox, a small, family-oriented distributor of Swiss made premium self-care brands with extensive experience with pharmaceuticals since 2007. Swissbox is born out of a desire to help families and individuals enhance their day-to-day well-being across North America by providing them with natural and results-proven healthcare solutions that are being successfully used in Europe and around the globe for decades already.

Our products are medically directed, clinically proven, solution-oriented, natural and, of course, proudly Swiss-made.

Our founder, Dr. Charles Piwko, is a veteran of the pharmaceutical industry. He is also one of the founders of Narimya Pharmaceuticals. He holds a PhD in Pharmacology (ETH Zurich), a PharmD (ETH Zurich) and an MSc in Health Administration (Health Economics, University of Toronto). Charles and his family, along with Sämi, personally picked all the products available on your Swissbox.

Providing solutions and therapies for a wide range of body and skin care issues, your Swissbox products are extensively researched, tested and proven. From topical pain relief, wound care, scar treatment to anti-ageing therapies; all of our products are clinically proven to be safe, tolerant, and effective. The products are carefully selected by our team.

Our mission: Providing high quality Swiss-made products to keep you naturally healthy and enhance your quality of life.