General Questions

What are the points of sales for each product?

Rexall is our main distributor. Please visit our store locator to find a point of sale near your home.

How do I track my order?

The tracking number will be included in the shipping confirmation email that will be sent after completing your order.

What currency do you charge in?

$CAD and $USD

How are you responding to Covid-19?

We are working based on the highest standards and follow best business practices while preparing the packages.

Perskindol Questions

How often can I use Perskindol?

As many times as you need and for as long as you need. Not like other products that can be used only twice a day and for about 14 days. This is because Perskindol is all natural.

Does Perskinodol also help to prevent injuries?

Yes, it is very often used by athletes during warm-up to increase the blood flow to the muscles to reduce the risk of injuries during activities.

I am a professional athlete and have to be careful with performance-enhancing substances - could Perskindol be a problem?

No, Perskindol is on the safe-list and can be used by all athletes before competitions.

Where else is Perskindol used?

Perskindol is successfully used by millions of people in over 50 countries, since its launch in the mid-70s in Switzerland.

Are there interactions with other medications?

As far we know, no interactions were reported for Perskindol.

Who can you use Perskindol? Can my children use Perskindol?

Health Canada approved Perskindol for use for anyone older than 6 years. In fact, we know some upcoming basketball and soccer talents that use it before and after every practice and game.

Does Perskindol help with arthritis?

Perskindol does not heal arthritis, but it can help manage the associated pain.

Does Perskindol smell?

Perskindol has a pleasant smell. You can say that it contains methanol and essential oils. In Switzerland, many gyms smell like Perskindol, due its use before and after exercise and activities.

What are the ingredients?

Perskindol contains menthol and essential oils such as; gaultheria oil, pine needle, lemon oil, sweet orange bark oil, bergamot oil, rosemary oil, and lavender oil.

WOUND Questions

How should WOUND be used?
  • Shake well before use
  • Spray WOUND directly on the cleaned wound (after the wound has been rinsed with cold water) from a distance of about 5-10cm
  • Cover the affected area with a secondary dressing - you may have to clean around the wound to make sure adhesion of the band-aid, as WOUND is an oil-based product
  • Repeat the treatment every 24 hours.
How often should WOUND be used?

WOUND should be used only once daily

Can WOUND be used in children and babies?

Yes, WOUND can be used in children older than one month. WOUND is also great to treat diaper rash in babies.

Do you have evidence that WOUND works?

Yes, there were many clinical studies conducted in adults, children and even animals.

Can WOUND be used on animals?

Yes, there are clinical “animal” studies conducted using WOUND to treat wounds and it's used by many veterinarians to treat their “animal-patients”.

Can WOUND be used on lips and on small facial areas?

Yes, but it is recommended for these areas to spray WOUND on a cotton swab and use the swab to treat the wound. This is the way to treat cold sores. Be careful with your eyes and mouth.

How many applications are in the spray?

A 10 ml spray contains 105 puffs.

How many spray puffs do I need?

Just a rough estimate: for a wound of 1 x 1 cm: 1 – 2 spray puffs and for a wound of 3 x 3 cm: 4 spray puffs.

Can WOUND cause irritation or allergic reactions?

WOUND has been tested for irritation and sensitivity. All results were negative, meaning that WOUND did not cause any irritation or allergic reactions. However, during post-marketing surveillance, an allergic reaction to WOUND was reported in 3 of 200 cases. All the patients reporting an allergic reaction suffered from multiple allergies.

Do I have to disinfect the wound if I use WOUND?

Rinsing with clean water or saline solution is typically enough to clean an acute superficial wound. Disinfectants not only are toxic for germs but also for human cells. If used too intensively, disinfectants hinder wound healing and damage human cells. WOUND enables an antimicrobial effect without cytotoxic side effects that inhibit wound healing. WOUND combined with proper initial wound cleansing is sufficient to treat superficial wounds.

Does the Hypericin in WOUND have an anti-depressant effect?

No such evidence was reported in clinical studies and real world use of the product.

What is the active ingredient in WOUND?

The effectiveness of WOUND is based on the physical properties of the oil film and fatty acids contained in St. John’s wort oil (Oleum Hyperici) and Neem oil. WOUND also contains olive oil.

Which secondary dressings can be used in combination with WOUND?

Generally, WOUND can be combined with any non-medicated wound dressing. Recommended is a plaster bandage or a non-woven gauze held in place with a bandage. Because of it’s fine texture, the ideal secondary dressing is a non-woven gauze.

Does oil residue need to be removed during dressing change?

No. But you may need to clean the oily film around the wound to make sure the band-aid will stick to the skin.

Does WOUND occlude (seal) the wound?

No, WOUND is semi-occlusive. The exudate can drain off without problems.

Is the content of the spray contaminated after the first treatment? How long is the storage life after the first treatment?

No. As the spray contains propellant, no air is soaked into the spray can during the application. Avoid contact of the spray-head with the wound. WOUND may be stored until expiration date indicated on the package

Kelosoft Questions

What is the active ingredient in Kelosoft?

Kelosoft is made from Henbane oil (green oil). Actually 50% of the cream is the oil. This leads to Kelosoft’s amazing texture and smell.

Who can use Kelosoft?

Kelosoft can be used by adults and children older than 13 years of age. As there is no evidence for using Kelosoft in younger patients, it should not be used, or only if recommended by your Doctor.

Can I use Kelosoft while being pregnant or breastfeeding?

No. Kelosoft should not be used during pregnancy or breastfeeding, as there is not evidence for its use in these populations.

Can I use Kelosoft for stretch marks?

Yes, but if the stretch marks are pregnancy related wait until after you are finished with breastfeeding your child. It's however great to use for weight- or muscle change related stretch-marks.

Can I use Kelosoft on my face?

Yes. Use Kelosoft carefully in your face and keep it away from your eyes and mouth.

Can you use Kelosoft for acne?

This depends on your skin type. For “oily” acne scars it should not be used, as Kelosoft is an oil-based cream. However, Kelosoft can be used for “dry acne scars”

How soon after an injury can I use Kelosoft?

If you got stitches, wait 14 days or until the wound is closed. As a general rule, don’t use Kelosoft on open wounds (for this you have WOUND). Wait until the wound is healed and closed before using Kelosoft.

How long does it take to “see a difference”?

This will depend on the age, size and nature of your scar or keloid. For newer, medium sized scars you should see a difference in 6-8weeks. The older, bigger and more complex the scar / keloid is, it will take more time. But you should see an effect of fading color and smoother skin.

How is Kelosoft used?

Kelosoft should be applied once daily, best at night time and massaged for 2-3 minutes.

Is there a smell to Kelosoft?

Kelosoft has a nice pleasant smell and has an amazing texture.

NOENE Questions

What are NOENE insoles?

NOENE products are high-tech insoles, manufactured using a revolutionary material, which is capable of absorbing and then dispersing up to 92% of the shockwaves generated when we walk, run, or jump. By using them regularly when practicing sports, in your everyday life and at work, these insoles offer protective properties for your joints, muscles, and body.

What is NOENE?

NOENE is a type of rubber, which, thanks to its internal structure and special composition, has particular characteristics that make it very different from traditional elastomers.

The main property of the NOENE material is its viscoelasticity, which makes it an excellent shock absorber.

How is NOENE used?

Most of the NOENE products are one-size fits all - and can be cut to fit your size. It's really simple to do.

Which NOENE insoles do I need?

Please refer to our Buying Guide on www.noene.ca.

Will NOENE work with my regular insole or orthotics?

NOENE 1mm and 2mm under-soles can be inserted below any existing insole or orthotics.

Do NOENE insoles provide cushioning and comfort?

The 1mm under-sole does not provide cushioning or comfort - its sole purpose is shock absorption. However, the 2mm undersoles provide some cushioning (and should be used in any case by “heavier” people)

What kind of footwear can NOENE insoles be worn with?

Noene Insoles are very thin (1-2mm), lightweight and durable, and they are designed to adapt perfectly to all kinds of shoes with or without removable existing insoles and orthotics. They are so thin you won’t notice any change in your balance or comfort.

How long does a NOENE insole last?

As a general rule, we suggest about 1 year (it might be good for up to 2 years).

Can I wash NOENE?

You can hand-wash NOENE. Don’t wash it in the machine.

Does NOENE help for plantar fasciitis?

NOENE does not really help for it - but will protect your body from harm caused by shock waves caused by walking and running.