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All-natural Perskindol Classic gel's unique triple-action soothes inflammation, relieves pain, and accelerates healing.

Effective on both new and old scars, as well as keloids. Kelosoft is a natural, plant-based, Swiss-made scar cream.

An all-natural, non-touch wound spray to manage cuts, burn wounds, blisters, cracked skin, children wounds and is great to treat diaper rash.

The age spot serum helps to brighten the epidermis and reduces the appearance of pigmentation disorders such as age spots, dark or brown spots and another uneven skin tone.

NOENE LG2 insoles are ideal for daily activities in the city and at the workplace.

NOENE Ergosole AC+ acts as a replacement insole that absorbs and dissipates impact then stabilizes your footstep. Breathable for maximum comfort and hygiene.

NOENE insoles help to protect your joints and muscles from shocks that cause pain.

Ideal for activities such as: running, football, basketball, tennis, hockey, rugby, skiing, and all other indoor/outdoor sports.

SwissHerbs Pastilles Clear Voice are delicious tasting pastilles for your everyday needs. Formulated with Edelweiss extract and Swiss herbal plants

A tailor-made and high-quality cream suited to the needs of tattooed skin. The optimal formulation cares for tattooed skin by moisturizing it. The tattoo maintains its colour intensity and obtains an irresistible glow. Can be used from the first day as well as to refresh and care for any tattoo.

A harmonizing blend of essential oils that is stimulating and relaxing in equal measures. The AromaStick Balance is research-backed to help mind and body operate in sync, heightening concentration while tackling the effects of everyday stress.

Don’t let the day get the better of you. By soothing mind and body, the AromaStick Calm ensures you stay composed and in control, no matter what the situation, with published research showing the Calm can reduce stress-related biomarkers within minutes

When you need to cope with everyday pressure or just want to unwind at the end of the day, the AromaStick Relax is always there to help. Tackle the effects of stress head on and restore positive thinking and inner peace with a single sniff, whether it’s during the day or before falling asleep.

Sometimes life requires full concentration, and that’s where the AromaStick Focus comes in. By heightening your cognitive functions, sharpening your attention and bringing clarity of mind, you will always be ready for the next task.

Whether you feel a lack of energy in your everyday life or seek an extra boost in sport, the AromaStick Energy gives you the edge you need to succeed by ehancing power and performance.

Whether it is due to seasonal allergies or cold and flu symptoms, the nose is one of the first organs to be affected. Now you don't have to let it get the better of you with the AromaStick Breathe, there to soothe the nose, no matter the time of year.

Nothing refreshes your senses like the blend of organic eucalyptus oil and menthol found in the AromaStick Refresh. Ideal in stuffy environments or cold weather for that feeling of cool, clear breathing.