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  • "I love this muscle gel! My favourite thing about it is that it's all-natural. It comes with a pamphlet that explains what all of the natural essential oil ingredients do, which is very helpful, and I haven't seen any other similar products do this! It works quickly. I find that I need to reapply it for lasting relief, but I really don't mind that. I like this stuff better than the big name brands, and it doesn't smell bad like they do either. I would definitely recommend!"

    Rachel Salisbury

  • "I wish there were 100 stars, this product is beyond amazing! My scars faded drastically after 3 weeks. One more week and they'll be gone❤️❤️❤️❤️."

    Asha Taylor

  • "Received my win from Perskindol Canada the other day thank you so much. Anyone who knows me knows I suffer from leg, ankle and bad back muscle pains. I tried this product and it works great. I was able to get things done around my house without the pain for a few hours. I put on at night and was able to lay comfortably to fall asleep. Thank you 🙏."

    Shannon Gowlett

  • "I have two herniated discs and this stuff works better than any rub-on cream I've tried for soothing the pain. I have recommended it already to several people. Works great!"

    Josh Siemens

  • "I used this product on my mastectomy scars and after reconstruction, on those scars. Relieved the itching and definitely made them lighter and softer."

    Anne-Marie Strydom Bronkhorst

  • "I started using Noene 14 months ago. Last year I sent you note saying that the product is amazing and that the arthritic pain in my knee was relieved. I thought it would be useful to share my situation after one year plus Noene. Since May 2017, when I started using the Noene insoles and I have not had to use anti-inflammatories for swelling or pain in my knee. I have been able to be more active and pain free than I had been prior to May 2017."

    Larry A

  • "I've been using this product on a patch of eczema on my leg, and for the first time in almost 3 years, it has finally cleared up and healed fully!! WOUND Spray for the win!!"

    Tara Low

  • "After using noene ultra-thin inserts I feel like my feet are less tired overall then before I used noene."

    Carl Litwin

  • "Love this! Scar = GONE! Thanks so much. This is a game-changer."

    Paulina Dubois

  • "The noene insoles put me back on track to a healthier life. I've had a knee problem for the past 5 years but with the Noene insoles, I’m able to jump again and not feeling pain after each exercise of the day."

    James Radcliff

  • "Fast-acting sore muscle relief. No overbearing fumes like other products have. Absorbs quickly wth no greasy feeling. I would highly recommend Perskindol!"

    Laurae Topott

  • "We have a busy dairy farm and horses and goats plus dogs and barn cats have tried other pain rubs over the years but your product penetrates and lasts used to use absorbine jr and other stuff but no more Thanks Perskindol"

    Craig Greenough

  • "omg this product actually works!! It's not greasy or any residue. it is better than A535 and that's my go-to. I don't even feel it worked lol as soon as it's on I feel no pain in like 20 mins or sooner!! I 100% recommend using this ASAP!! Thank you Perskindol Canada for sending the samples!! I need to buy this now!!"

    Patricia Ann Brown